Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fuel Price Comparison

Look at today's fuel prices according to and

This is the map showing the two CNG filling stations on Rogers Avenue in Fort Smith and in Arkoma.

CNG is $1.07 and $1.39 respectively.
 This is the list of gas stations (for regular gas....midgrade, premium and diesel are higher)...the cheapest in Fort Smith is $3.25!

You can see how by today's comparison, that CNG is MUCH cheaper than regular gasoline.  One of our commercial customers did the math and they could pay for their CNG conversion in just 9 months by the change in price of their fuel alone!  What a difference!  After those 9 months, they were saving money with CNG!

To learn more about switching your vehicle to CNG, contact Ed Flaherty at 479-646-7301 or

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